Q Do you operate throughout the country?

A dlp has over 2000 staff throughout the country.  We can certainly find the look that you are looking for and often we can find it locally with minimal travel and other out of pocket expenses.

Q How much does it cost to staff an assignment?

A.  All assignments are individually costed and a formal quotation given.  Our rates are extremely competetive and a call to 01952 550003 or a click on the Contact us button will give you a reliable budget figure with which to work

Q.  What will the girls wear?

A.  We will provide uniforms if required or alternatively tailor make uniforms for clients based on the assignment brief and the look that they are looking for.

Q  Do the girls need a briefing on the day before the assignment?

A For all assignments staff are given a written briefing which has been discussed and agreed with the client.  In most cases this is sufficient but with complex assignments it may be necessary to allocate additional training time.  Give us a call on 01952 550003 or click on the contact us button to discuss your requirements.

Q.  How do I know that dlp will be reliable?

A  We have been in the industry longer than the majority of the agencies that are operating today and indeed many of them trained with us.  We would be pleased to provide you with references and we are proud of our reputation which is second to none.

Q  Do I have any hidden charges or costs?

A.  dlp will always provide you with a written quotation for work and we stand by our budgets and costs.  We are a legitimate agency and where required by the Inland Revenue pay National Insuance and PAYE for the staff you are using as required by law.  In terms of costs with dlp you will always know exactly where you stand.

Q Why should I use dlp rather than another agency?

A.  We know the business.  We have full time client support to ensure your problems are always solved efficiently and quickly.  We are organised and well managed and always follow up on your instuctions.  We know and understand the need to work with and stick to budgets and last, but not least,  we can give you the look that you are looking for.

Q On what basis do you select your staff for a particular assignment?

A  All dlp staff are personally selected, interviewed and engaged based on work ethic, appearance and experience.  Staff performance is constantly monitored and all staff are subject to the dlp appraisal process.  Normally we will produce a shortlist of suitable candidates for client consideration based on the clients brief to us and then discuss proposals in detail with the Client.

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