Field Marketing

dlp knows and fully understands a clients needs from their field marketing programmes and has the resources to ensure that exacting standards can be met day in and day out.

Not only will we put together a team that has the requisite skills but will also present  the right image in a way which reflects courtesy and company care no matter the time, place or weather!

We are one of a very few agencies that can and does offer its clients a full turnkey service on their events and event programmes.  Contact us and we will give you advice on the most exciting and cost effective way to reach your target audience and then fully cost the programme for you.  We can then arrange everything from venues to staffing and even distribution materials and logistics.

We have huge in-depth of experience to draw on and we are pleased to help our clints with all aspects of any programme especially those that want to be unique special and different.  We love to roll up our sleeves and help.

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