Creating the right look for your promotion is not only about the team but also about what they wear.  At dlp we will design and produce tailor made uniforms to meet your needs exactly.  With faithful and accurate reproduction of colours and logos and materials designed to show the Team off to their best you only need to contact us to get advice on designs and prices.

dlp - the look you're looking for
Mould Shop Race Spec 
 Redline Set Kawasaki
Westfield Micron 2 Front 
 Micron 2 Back Pirelli
Falken Kwik Fit 
 TWO Micron
BK Racing 2 Euphony 
 Alpha Rizla
Eclipse Bikini 
 Play Station 2 Suzuki
Speedway Grand Prix Run Flat 
 Silverstone MCI Top
MCI J Tuner 
 Formula Rally Fosters
BK Racing Armorall 
 Airwaves Nurses
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